What have we prepared for you for Gdynia Design Days this year?

8 June 2022

What have we prepared for you for Gdynia Design Days this year?

Rich program of lectures and discussions! And the interdisciplinary group of specialists will provide a broad perspective when dealing with the most current issues. What topics will appear at Gdynia Design Days this year? Get to know the program of the 15th edition!

This year, during GDD 2022, we will return to the already known topics, but in new perspectives. There will also be completely new content. We will start the first day of the festival with a panel discussion on this year's slogan - Empasea. Then the lecture will be given by Lisa Lang. On Sunday, we will hear about the life cycle of items and the search for solutions that will limit the production of new ones.

We will start Monday with two lectures on topics that were not discussed at GDD before. The first one will concern designing new legal solutions, i.e. legal design, which combines design thinking with legislation and a user-oriented perspective, creating system solutions that respond to current needs. The second lecture will be about life in the world of algorithms around us in virtual reality. Do you know how often they are used and how they influence your decisions? What else can they be used for?

On Tuesday, we will get to know different views on the empathy slogan: we will talk about Solarpunk and other futuristic-optimistic movements about possible futures, we will consider whether speculative design will save the world, and during the lecture on empathetic design we will look at how the skills of designers help during the greatest refugee crisis in Europe since the end of World War II.

Wednesday will be devoted to topics related to the search for new materials, which are an alternative to traditional materials, the production of which does not correspond to modern needs, and to the Baltic Sea, which, although so dear to us, has still not been well researched by us. On the last day of the lectures – Thursday, July 7 – we will look at topics related to the New European Bauhas and social design, where we will consider what contribution design can make to solving social challenges.

How to participate?

After two editions taking place mainly online, we are back to face-to-face meetings. All program events will take place on the GDD Stage at PPNT Gdynia. Admission is free, but due to the limited number of places, registration is required through the My GDD panel.

In addition, as part of the festival, accompanying events will be held, co-organized with our partners. There will also be walks – both around the city and around the exhibitions. 

Get to know the whole festiwals program! 

See you in Gdynia on 2rd of July!