Organisational Culture vs. Sustainable Goals


Organisational Culture vs. Sustainable Goals


7 July 2023, 16:00


PPNT Gdynia
Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
Building 4


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What should a team’s onboarding process include when implementing a sustainable strategy, product or service? Things to watch out for. The dos and don’ts.

More and more organisations are choosing to implement sustainability strategies. Carefully developed recommendations and action plans that took a long time to create are on your desk, ready for implementation. And this is where the challenge comes in.
A rushed onboarding process for such changes often results in the team not having the motivation or tools to implement changes. This, in turn, gives rise to even more challenges and frustrations. The organisational culture may not be ready for sustainable innovation. For the time being.

Sustainable goals are an element of change the organisation’s stakeholders can be against, indifferent to or in favour of. What to pay attention to in such moments? What can't we forget about? How to support cooperation at different levels so that actions reflect strategic assumptions?

The workshop aims to help unify the approach within the team to strategically set sustainable goals. We will go through the stages worth paying attention to in the change process. All participants will complete the workshop with a list of good practices and guidelines developed jointly.

Using over a decade of experience in facilitating teams in the process of change, the leader will use tools from two areas: change management and sustainable design.

• Learn how to unify the team’s knowledge regarding the strategic sustainable development goals.
• Try to turn the implementation of sustainable goals into a coherent process accessible to your team.
• Discover tools allowing for translating sustainable strategic goals into consistent team action.



Justyna Turek

Justyna Turek

Researcher, designer, process facilitator and consultant for sustainable design. For ten years, she has been involved in conceptualizing, designing and testing products/services that are truly sustainable and needed in the Polish and European markets. She creates processes, experiences and systems that allow brands, organisations and events to consistently communicate the value they offer to their...

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Kasia Witkowska

Kasia Witkowska

As the Team Coordinator Pilot at Change Pilots, I am responsible for recruiting, building, and coordinating a high-performing team. Working closely with the core Change Pilots team, I assess the needs and demands, strategically work with members who have been working with us for years, as well as new ones through effective interviewing processes. I assume responsibility for task management and coo...

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