We know the slogan of Gdynia Design Days 2024

8 April 2024

We know the slogan of Gdynia Design Days 2024

This year, for nine festival days, we will move to spa 2.0 – to a space where we can regenerate ourselves as individuals, but also as communities and the planet. The slogan of the next edition of the festival is Gdynia-Zdrój.

During Gdynia Design Days, we want to redefine the concept of renewal, using its semantic capacity, without cutting ourselves off from cultural and historical associations, and at the same time responding to real, contemporary needs. We will discuss topics related to preventive actions focused on our health and well-being and healing relationships.

During the festival, a new point will appear on the map of Poland, Gdynia-Zdrój. A place of innovation, but also a safe space where you can find balance and renewal. 

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