Exhibition: 20 architectural projects against climate change

12 October 2022

Exhibition: 20 architectural projects against climate change

According to estimates, over the next 40 years, 230 billion meters of built-up land will be created on Earth – to keep traces up-to-date, to get another city of size. In addition, about 40% of consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the European Union are generated, as much as 97.5% of them cannot be verified in terms of effectiveness [1]. Can the architecture and planning method be generated as usual?

Signaling the influence of architecture on an object that can be placed on the map will not be created. However, the reality is different. Only at PP Gdynia we provide as many as 20 non-compliant NT architectural designs. Architects already on the stone technological method find themselves between numerous contradictory parameters of condition control. They create a healthy, functional and beautiful device. Their job is to design repairs to provide services, investigate extreme substances, perform special tasks and value in

The high-quality brand of the brand is to gradually decarbonise the building stock. According to research by the Institute of Building Performance in 2018, on the premises of the European Union, on the construction site and the objection that corresponds that you are on all sites of the European Union. The construction sector will be similar to the other part of the warehouse, and 97 percent. The exhibition shows how to pursue the pursuit of architecture and works to track activities that allow limiting limiting limiting the progress of activities on the environment. implementation in a structured form as the principle of running an economic economy, thanks to pre-sale and change, as well as the development of buildings, and their adaptation to new needs, my minimum amount of waste.

Research aimed at. By using new solutions in combination with finding sources obtained with short short deliveries, we can remedy and improve the effects of climate change.

See the exhibition 20 architectural projects against climate change.

when? 17.11-18.12.2022

where? PPNT Gdynia, building II / gallery 


The event partner is Architects' Council of Europe.

The exhibition was created as part of the EU Creative Europe program.

The event is a part of the Gdynia w Klimacie municipal project.




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[1] European Commission Communication on Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the Construction Sector 2014

[2] Joint Research Center of the European Commission, Assessment of various threats in Europe in the context of climate change, 2016.