What would Tinder look like if it were urban furniture?


What would Tinder look like if it were urban furniture?

opening hours

22-30 of June, 12:00-20:00*


PPNT Gdynia | tereny zielone
al. Zwycięstwa 96/98, między budynkami III i IV


free of charge


Can learning from the sanatorium residents help younger generations return to off-line meetings? Check out how Tinder's transforming into a piece of urban furniture! Dive into bush therapy* – where love after 60 discovers a whole new vibe. Spa meetups turning into off-line Tinder? It's all about those unspoken rules for killer dates. Get the lowdown on spa dating savoir-vivre and how it's shaping cool hangout spot in Gdynia Zdrój. Swipe right, in real life only!

Do you know about bush therapy? It's a popular thing in spas, even though it's not usually advertised. After 60 love and romance still matter and the spa scene is like a real-life version of Tinder but off-line.

Spas have unwritten rules for dating and showing interest in meeting new people. This dating savoir-vivre at spas lets us see how seniors are changing social norms. We're using their knowledge to design furniture that encourages face-to-face interaction, perfect for Gdynia Zdrój.

Making new friends and forming relationships off-line has never been easier! Swipe right!

*bush therapy – a direct translation of krzakoterapia, a Polish slang term for dating in a sanatorium

Team: Paula Dulnik, Patrycja Mróz (visual communication), Piotr Seweryn


Dominika Janicka

Dominika Janicka

An architect, researcher, and the founder of FAIR Building Studio. She completed her architecture studies at ULB Brussels and the Technical University of Gdańsk, where she was recognized as one of the top 16 graduates in the faculty's history. She teaches at the Design Faculty of the University of Kielce. Additionally, Dominika serves as the Creative Director at the Institute of Design Kielce and ...

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