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The Waste exhibition is an innovative collaboration between the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Gdańsk and the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts, curated by designer Blanka Byrwa. The project aims to create a prototype product from bio-waste and attempt to identify its position in a circular economy.

According to researchers' estimates, if we continue to consume as we do today, global material consumption will double by 2050*, and waste production will increase by 70%*. To prevent further environmental degradation, the European Green Deal was established, which includes the development of a circular economy strategy – the New Circular Economy Action Plan.

A closed-loop economy is a system in which materials and products are constantly reused, reducing waste and protecting our planet's limited resources. Project strategies include recycling materials and products as a systemic service, extending the product life cycle through repair or upgrading. As part of the Waste exhibition, UG and ASP students will explore design strategies related to the implementation of new sustainable materials – their durability, biodegradability, and recycling.

In the context of the Waste project, collaboration is key. Designers and scientists from each field have unique competencies and knowledge necessary for creating innovative and sustainable solutions. Thanks to this collaboration, design students can experiment with new materials such as bioplastics, while scientists can conduct research and provide information on their properties and applications. Ultimately, this combination of knowledge and skills allows for the creation of comprehensive circular economy projects. This will be an important step towards reducing waste and protecting our planet from further environmental degradation.

*OECD (2018), Global Material Resources Outlook to 2060
* World Bank (2018), What a Waste 2.0: A Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050


Blanka Byrwa

Blanka Byrwa

Designer from Koszalin, living in Gdańsk. She has been running the BBAD design studio, mainly implementing projects for service premises, specialized in steel structures and furniture. A graduate of the Design Institute of the Koszalin University of Technology. During her studies, she was awarded in the Architektura Murator competitions “Mieszkanie Młodego Architekta" and "the minimum" durin...

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