Mobile Resort


Mobile Resort

opening hours

22-30 of June, 12:00-20:00*


PPNT Gdynia
Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
Building III


free of charge

PPNT Budynek 3


What does our body really need to achieve a state of deep relaxation?

Our bodies and minds are constantly lacking relaxation. Physical and emotional. To solve that, we take days off, and explore outdoor nature, while self-care trips are becoming increasingly popular. However, could mindfulness and consciousness enable us to create a healing resort in the space of our own home, in a nearby park, or while travelling by train? Are we able to relax here and now?

Mobile Resort is a multisensory space where visitors will be able to rest and calm down after the intense experience of visiting the festival. The installation aims to show how a deeper interaction between our body, material, and space enables us to better understand our sensoriums. Naps, meditation, listening to music, reading books, or anything that will make us expand the relationship between our head and hand, learn to see with our nose, and listen with our feet are allowed.

The interactive installation consists of several multisensory textile objects, which inspire us to experience reality more consciously and appreciate its therapeutic properties.  Using worksheets, participants will be able to engage in embodied experiences that, like forest bathing, have the potential to expand our sensory perception. It also provides tools and suggests ways of thinking that could help us to create our own recipe for relaxation – one that can be tucked into a pocket in the head and taken out when needed. In other words- to have the Mobile Resort in our own pocket.


Monika Dołbniak

Monika Dołbniak

Sensory designer and researcher. A graduate of the Royal College of Art (textile design), London College of Fashion (womenswear design) and Westminster Kingsway College (neurodiversity among children). Since 2021, she works as a sensory children’s wear designer for the Belgian brand Sam Sensory & More. She specializes in multidisciplinary textile applications for fashion, product, textil...

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