MANUBA - GDD collection


MANUBA – GDD collection

opening hours

1-9th of July, the museum's opening hours


Muzeum Miasta Gdyni
Zawiszy Czarnego 1


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We live in a world of overabundance. One of the sectors most associated with the surplus is the clothing industry. Observing the increased trend of designing and producing better/more sustainable products, the question arises about the desirability and ethics of creating novelty items when we have been confronted with overproduction, excessive demand, waste and, as a result, the exploitation of people and the environment.

This year's MANUBA collection is the outcome of GDD's collaboration with Fashion Revolution. Invited by curators Eliza Gawrjołek and Ewelina Antonowicz, the design teams explored the potential of textile waste found in various forms, attempting to find innovative techniques for incorporating apparent trash into a full-fledged and scalable design practice for functional objects, beyond conventional approaches with aspirations of recycling and upcycling. The process yielded concepts for three objects, subsequently made in small series (30 copies each).

The semantically capacious word 'rest' was chosen as the theme of the collection. RE:ST is, on the one hand, a reference to letting go of growth in the case of industry and unnecessary purchases, and on the other hand – an activist rest after years of speaking in capital letters and finding a new way to reach the consciousness of consumers and brands. All the meanwhile taking into account the culture-creating function of fashion.

RE:ST is a collection that creates an opportunity to take a rest, to catch a balance between extreme attitudes, and above all – to inspire reflection on the condition of fashion, design and contemporaneity.

The collection is available from July 2 to 31 in the online store and in the stationary store, located at the Gdynia City Museum during the festival.


Ewelina Antonowicz

Ewelina Antonowicz

Co-founder of Sustainable Fashion Institute, chairwoman of Fashion Revolution Poland, Master of Science in Sustainable Development. Expert in the Climate Leadership program and the Roundtable for Sustainable Fashion within the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion. Awarded at scientific conferences and for her social activities. Forbes "25 under 25" finalist in the sustainable development and climat...

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Eliza Gawrjołek

Eliza Gawrjołek

Intermedia ex-artist and researcher. She deals with creative strategy, communication and multipotential process management in the space of design, sustainable fashion, art and social science. Graduated from the Faculty of Design and Interior Design and the Faculty of Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, also was studying new media and digital culture and ethnology and cultural a...

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