GLËNA vol. 2


GLËNA vol. 2

opening hours

1-9th of July, 10:00-20:00


al. Zwycięstwa 96/98, budynek IV


free of charge


GLËNA – a collection of ceramics designed and created by local artists, for which 3D printing technologies and traditional ceramic techniques were used.

The collection introduces viewers to Kashubian and regional art and its assumptions, which are central to the history of Gdynia and Pomerania. Each artist designed their own ceramics inspired by Kashubian motifs in a free and individual interpretation. The final result was a coherent yet original collection of functional and artistic ceramics.

GLËNA combines traditional craft methods with new technologies. It is an interdisciplinary and unique project that combines tradition and modernity in an innovative way. The authors of the works who took part in the project are designers, graphic artists, illustrators, artists not normally associated with ceramics as a creative field. In the project participated: Anita Wasik, Anna Rudak, Patrycja Podkościelny, Aleksandra Prusinowska, Eugenia Tynna, Magda Mokrzan, Monika Gradzik, Anna Wieczorek, Krzysztof Kossak, Jacek Wielebski, Vasyl Savchenko, Ziemowit Liszek.

The task is co-financed from funds received from the budget of the City of Gdynia, allocated through an open competition for the implementation of public tasks in the field of culture in the year 2023.

Organizer of the exhibition: PROTO TYPY.


Monika Gradzik

Monika Gradzik

President of Foundation MOZI, designer, curator, co-creator of interdisciplinary projects combining traditional technologies with modern ones. She cooperates with Artistic Foundations and Municipal Institutions, her main goal is the improvement of the quality of urban space and education of teenagers and adults in Design and Artistic Design fields. Gdynia citizen, the ideas and assumptions of mode...

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