All of Us the Different!


All of Us the Different!

opening hours

22-30 of June, 12:00-20:00*


Studio Fundacji Bochińskich | PPNT Gdynia
al. Zwycięstwa 96/98, budynek IV, lokal F014


free of charge


Diversity enriches our world. Observing varied tastes, worldviews, and lifestyles allows us to transcend our beliefs and habits. The exhibition All of Us the Different! celebrates diversity as a supreme value, where each object, removed from context, creates a visual patchwork. Will the dialogue be understanding or chaotic?

We differ! Isn’t that wonderful? Diversity makes the world more interesting. Observing the variety of tastes, worldviews, origins, and lifestyles allows us to transcend the limitations of our beliefs and habits. It inspires change and reflection. It endows us with sensitivity and helps us confront our own fears. Can we imagine a world full of identical beings? The theme of the exhibition relates to the hot topic of diversity, which appears in discussions about migration crises, abortion rights, non-heteronormativity, freedom of speech, democracy.

The inspiration was the book People by Peter Spier, published, shockingly, in 1980! It deals in a succinct way with the ambiguity of human characters, life attitudes, appearances, and systems we believe in. We believe so strongly that we hate others for not being like us. That they are different. Forgetting that we ourselves, seen through the eyes of others, are also different.

The concept of the All of Us the Different! exhibition is diversity as a supreme value. Each of the five objects evokes different associations due to its color, texture, material, and purpose. It is taken out of its context, date of creation, environment. Gathering them in one space, arranged for the needs of the exhibition, creates a visual patchwork. Will the dialogue between the objects be full of understanding, or will it turn out to be chaos? 

The exhibition is organized by the Bochinski Foundation.


Agnieszka Stanasiuk

Agnieszka Stanasiuk

AgaBrwi – an artist, designer of fabrics, clothing, and theatrical costumes. She graduated from the Faculty of Textiles and Clothing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and also completed postgraduate studies: Product Design Management at SGH and IWP, as well as Entrepreneurship in Creative Sectors at Kozminski University. Since 2010, she has been organizing and conducting creative workshop...

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