~ enough | wystarczająco. wystarczy. dość. dosyć. dostatecznie.


~ enough | wystarczająco. wystarczy. dość. dosyć. dostatecznie.

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22-30 of June, 12:00-20:00*


PPNT Gdynia
Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
Building IV


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PPNT Budynek 4


The carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and construction processes, the so-called embedded carbon footprint, accounts for nearly 30-40% of the total carbon footprint of the construction industry. This implies a need to focus not only on energy savings  during the use of buildings, but also on the materials from which they are constructed.

The traditional approach to assessing the carbon footprint is evolving through building’s  life-cycle analysis, which covers all stages – from the production of materials, through construction, usage and at the end of its life, the so-called from cradle to grave. In contrast, the concept of from cradle to cradle implies that the materials and products used in construction should be selected so that they can be reused or decompose naturally at the end of a building's life.

In practice, this means choosing technologies and materials that are environmentally friendly, i.e. removable and reusable, renewable, recycled or designing energy-efficient buildings and using water and waste management strategies.

Do we need to look far afield to undertake this new practice? Fortunately, no.

Designers, Investors and Contractors.
Here is what you need to do 'here and now' to find yourself in the new circular reality:

  1. minimize demolition, maximize the potential of existing infrastructure;
  2. dismantle carefully and recycle construction materials – treat them as capital, not trash;
  3. when building, use recycled equipment and materials;
  4. use natural, plant based materials (primarily annual plants), local, decompostable or recoverable at the end of the building’s life;
  5. do not build in a hurry! the process of sustainable construction, taking into account natural and recycled materials is more labor- and time-absorbing. Give yourself enough time to do it.

Quite good, sufficient, enough. That's what it can be in the transformation process. We need a paradigm shift from new is better to old enough is good enough. Just enough is enough to undergo a huge change.

On the exhibition will be presented object designed by 3X0 – OUT OF OFFICE. 



Paulina Rogalska

Paulina Rogalska

Human, woman, architect, painter, co-founder of the FALA architecture studio. During her studies at the Gdansk University of Technology, she worked on local plans in the Pomeranian province. Then she gained experience in designing large public buildings, to focus over time on issues related to multidisciplinary, pro-ecological design and the study of human-nature relations. The main field for expl...

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Kamila Szatanowska

Kamila Szatanowska

Architect, co-founder of the FALA architecture studio in Gdansk.She gained experience working with cultural institutions in Gdansk on socially engaged projects, as well as in Polish architectural studios, on public architecture, including the Museum of Józef Piłsudski in Sulejówek. She is a co-laureate of numerous architectural competitions, including the international Iceland Northe...

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