4 - 11 July 2020

Thank you for the unique edition of GDD 2020 online

The unique edition of Gdynia Design Days, created especially for the time of crisis, has come to an end. This year's slogan Attention turned out to be extremely accurate in the reality that surrounds us. Concepts such as crisis, pandemic, mindfulness, and threat have been varied by all cases and fell in various contexts. This is just proof of the need for such discussions.

Gdynia Design Days 2020 includes 25 lectures, 20 workshops and 8 exhibitions, prepared by Polish and international experts. Each of the lectures on YouTube was watched by an average of several hundred people! During all the events, our users discussed lively among themselves in the comments section. The technology also made it possible to forward questions to the speakers, which allowed us to maintain the extraordinary value of Gdynia Design Days, which is an open discussion.

Almost 2,000 users registered on the GDD platform. Before the festival, due to vital activity the system blocked the entries for a while! Gdynia Design Days participants joined us from all over the world. This is one of the good things that came with having to move the festival to the virtual world.

The unique formula meant that all program elements, including exhibitions, were transferred online. This year's edition is accompanied by an interactive exhibition guide that responds to the festival's slogan - Attention.

The festival has come to an end, but we have prepared a unique publication for You ,which gives the opportunity to continue the global discussion. The GDD guide is a valuable compendium of knowledge that will stay longer with us. The problems discussed at the exhibitions will reach a wide audience around the world. The GDD guide is a place where you can come back all year round in search of the best solutions and inspiring projects. We follow the idea that design should be democratic - that is, accessible and universal. In GDD guide, You will find nearly 150 products, design services and prototypes. The festival“s slogan — Attention has been divided into 8 topics dealing with the global issues that are faceing nowadays. 

We invite you at​ www.guide.gdyniadesigndays.eu.