3 - 11 July 2021

Design talks Business Summit | day II


11th July, 10:00 - 13:30

What is the role of business in key social challenges of the modern world and what ecological responsibility lies with it? How to design products and services using available resources? How to react to dynamically changing market demands? How to design the invisible, that go beyond form and function?

The fifth edition of Design talks Business Summit is aimed at entrepreneurs, designers, and agents of change. During two days of meetings with workshops participants will gather strategic pointers and tools, get introduced to case studies of implementations and methods of designing changes in the business. The event allows joining an international group of professionals, who work on a border of design and business. DtB Summit is a chance to undertake transdisciplinary actions and establish a network of relations and idea exchange.

Variability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity - VUCA for short, is a military term describing rules of crises. They require increased alertness and formulated unconventional acting methods. Today, in a reality subjected to constant and dynamic changes, this term becomes useful in a business environment. Modernity requires that entrepreneurs step into the unknown areas and take up new challenges.

Challenges posed by today’s reality liberate unusual potential. Redefining values leads to the creation of smart products and services based on innovative business models. Mindfulness in behavior and the ability to reacting quickly is a necessity to achieve it. Relying on habits and tested strategies carries a risk of producing outdated solutions.

Design in business is a tool, work culture, and strategic process, which allows designing solutions matched up for modernity. We believe that direct knowledge and skills exchange in this field, cannot be replaced by any digital content. That is why we want to invite you to real - life meetings of design and business with 350 participants during the annual edition of Design talks Business Summit.

The second day of DtB Summit will begin with intensive Design Challenge activities. Together, we are going to work on key challenges of modern business. This will be an opportunity for serious discussion about revolutions we have to go through because of contemporary realities. We will analyze what actions to take as small agents of change, who wield enormous power in our hands nevertheless. 

The day will end with an inspiring lecture aiming to motivate and involve attendees with heads full of ideas and a real urge to make changes. During this session we will talk about the strength of community, current challenges and the potential to work between sectors. We are going to talk boldly about creating new relations and repairing the world through sustainable design.  


10:00 - 10:20 | introduction, welcome & morning warm-up session [en] ​
10:30 - 12:30 | practical block – design challenge [pl and en]
sessions are carried parallel 
design challenge | Heart-centered speculative design [pl] | Agnieszka Polkowska (pl), Trendspot 
design challenge | Retro - how to draw conclusions from completed projects [pl] | Tenka (pl) 
design challenge | Secure the future of your business with Futures Thinking method [pl] | Agnieszka Gliszczyńska, Natalia Urbańska (pl), Greenhat Innovation 
design challenge | Stakeholders Map - the tool for sharing resources [en] | Magdalena Małachowska (pl), Service Design Polska 
design challenge | Visual Thinking for Business [en] | Peak Berlin (de) 
12:40 - 13:30 | theoretical block - inspirational keynote [en] 
inspirational keynote | Activism Through Community [en] | Roland Harwood (uk), Iovia 


Check in at GDD platform and take part in unique Design talks Business Summit online edition.

All events within the main stage and small stage will be translated simultaneously. As part of the conference, it is possible to participate in workshops and challenges for which the previous subscriptions. Workshops, challenges, and conversations marked [en] require knowledge of English, while those with [pl] will be handled in Polish. Please choose carefully the workshops and challenges as several of them take place in parallel.

Design talks Business Summit team:

PPNT Gdynia | Centrum Designu: Paulina Kisiel, Karolina Cygert, Ewa Chudecka, Natalia Kawczyńska;

Change Pilots: Henryk Stawicki, Justyna Turek, Maciej Otrębski, Ewa Browarczyk, Filip Nocek, Paweł Kupczak. 



  • Peak is an innovation and communication company founded by Ole Tillmann. We create impact through design thinking and storytelling. We are a team of coaches and designers united by our passion for innovation and precise, targeted communication. In everything we do, people are always at the centre of our work. Leading DAX-listed companies put their confidence in our expertise, entrusting us with their employee training and enlisting us to prepare them for public appearances.

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  • Roland Harwood is a compulsive connector of people and ideas. Roland is also the founder of Liminal, a collective intelligence community focused upon addressing complex and collaborative challenges working with the likes of the United Nations Development Programme, Nesta and the Wellcome Trust. He also leads IOVIA’s European operations, to deliver community participation experiences and communities for the likes of LEGO, IKEA and Unilever.

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  • Magdalena Małachowska is a economist and service designer. Economy and Design are both her passion and work. Magda earned her Ph.D. degree in the area of communication in cluster development which was a starting point for exploring design as a factor of change. She moved fluently from economy to design and become an expert in research & service design. During that journey Magda joined international community Global Service Jam, she was a pioneer in application of service design methodology in Poland. She was co-founder of Service Design Polska, initiative focus on increasing awareness and spreading knowledge in the area of service design in Poland.

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  • A strategic design office working on implementation of design into the organization by strategic work, product and service design and innovation implementation management. Tenka supports its clients in running a more orderly business by extracting the company's potential and turning into well-designed operating models. The strength of Tenka’s interdisciplinary team is skillful combination of business development competences and good design.

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  • I’m an experienced design professional with an educational background in intercultural and business communication. I improve user experiences, corporate environments, public spaces by applying a human centric approach, identifying future opportunities and following principles of ethical design and a culture of learning.

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  • Looking for a way to combine her deep running passion for questioning things and wondering what would happen if? Eventually led her to becoming a designer. She believe that people are the very foundation of a good design process and as such should always be considered first, before potential profits.

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  • A PhD in speculative design. Designer by education, trendwatcher and strategist by avocation. Owner of trendwatching think tank TRENDSPOT. She lectures at the studies of Total Design Management and cooperates with such institutions as the Institute of Industrial Design, Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia and Łódź Design Festival.

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  • Henryk helps organizations create product and service scenarios based on design strategies. He facilitates design processes using sustainable and circular principles whenever possible.

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  • Ewa is a multidisciplinary designer and art director based in Europe. Her workflow is based on combining graphic design, art, and 3d elements. She studied Art of New Media in Warsaw/Poland and has been working independently, as a head of design studio, since 2014. Specialized in visual identity and animation, enjoying looking for new challenges and inspiration by working with new tools. Her experience comes from many years of working with the media - information channels in Poland. At Change Pilots, Ewa shares her knowledge in deep research based on changing human behaviors - related to art, culture and events. Core member of Change Pilots strategic design consultancy. Visual Coordinator at the Design talks Business Summit.

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  • Daily, Filip does his best to ensure that transparent communication is considered an asset, the impact of chaos on organization is minimized and that users/clients can appreciate the reliability and timeliness of work. He makes sure that projects happen and they happen to succeed or bring an extra value to the team or users. He uses an analytical approach to connect dots and bring solutions to a problem. Enthusiastic about new challenges and always keen to help, especially with demanding issues like life in general. Key Account Manager at Jazzy Innovation. Member of Change Pilots strategic design consultancy. Partnership Coordinator at the Design talks Business Summit.

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  • A passionate UX/UI and service designer with several years of experience in creating great and valuable products while having fun. His goal was always to help people – that’s how, with a strong background as a creative designer, He became a human-centered solutions creator. Paweł does his best to be a partner that can help people be less afraid of making products/services work differently or/and better. He believes that all projects, that he has a chance to work with, provide the joy of use to the users. Core member of Change Pilots strategic design consultancy. DtB Insights Coordinator at the Design talks Business Summit.

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  • Design researcher, process facilitator and initiator of the ideas. Creates experiences and systems that allow brands, organizations, and events communicate integral value offered to their users.

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