4 - 11 July 2020

Check in at the GDD platform

The unique online edition of Gdynia Design Days, created especially for the crisis, starts on July 4th. Even though we won’t be seeing each other live in Gdynia, check in at GDD platform and join the festival. You will receive a healthy dose of inspiration, a whole ocean of knowledge and you will join the GDD community.

Check out the programme and check in at the GDD platform

To continue our global discussion on the topic of ATTENTION, we’ve decided to redesign the festival into a fully digital, interactive experience. Every day between 4th and 11th July you will be able to take part in lectures, discussions and workshops, all thanks to dedicated GDD platform. Check in and become a part of festival community. You'll meet our whole team, workshop leaders, consultants, speakers and others participants. Although we’ve redesigned the festival, we kept all the best parts:

~ the GDD Stage, where we'll discuss the modern world's most pressing problems. Let our catchword – Attention! – be the pretext for an open discussion, day after day.

~ GDD workshops, which will show you tools for improving your competencies.

~ DtBusiness Stage – a space full of inspirational presentations and valuable case studies from the world of business.

~ DtB workshops – an ocean of practical tools and methods you can use in your company.

This year it's the intention that counts – you may join us from any place on Earth. Our unique online edition of Gdynia Design Days, Design talks Business Summit and Design talks Business First Steps is 100% free of charge. Extra Registration applies to workshops, due to limited capacity. Registration for DtB Summit and DtB First Steps starts on 8th of June. Registrator for GDD workshops starts on 15th of June. Check out the line up in the programme tab on our website. Use the dedicated photo filter, which you can download from our website.

GDD guidebook

Every year, especially for Gdynia Design Days, we are creating curated exhibitions referring to the slogan of given edition. This year we’ve decided to present our exhibitions in the form of interactive GDD guidebook. We have invited 8 curators to cooperate, who will present issues related to the slogan of GDD 2020 ATTENTION. The GDD guidebook, referring to the tradition of the annual vernissage, will be made public on the opening day of festival, 4th of July.

Attention! The wave of change is coming. Check in at GDD platform and take part in unique online edition of Gdynia Design Days 2020.

Don't wait long as we have prepared a surprise straight from the seaside for the first hundred people who will check in at the GDD platform and join our newsletter. A dedicated welcome pack, created especially for the unique online edition of GDD, can be yours today!