6 - 15 july 2018

Create and Carry

This is the third time Gdynia Design Days will feature a series of workshops called Create and Carry focused on the business side of working in the creative industries. This year's event includes five inspirational encounters to help us avoid mistakes in developing our own business, make it easier to establish new professional and social partnerships, along with the chance to exchange experiences.

Actioning business ideas through initial design of strategies and product lines allows us to increase our chances of success, and yet we're not able to predict everything. Getting started in trade is above all else the process of surviving crisis after crisis. During this year's Create and Carry event we will prove that every crisis is also a potential opportunity for development. Scaling your business, developing pricing strategies, negotiating, creating text to go with your products and making YouTube clips are only some of the aspects which will be touched upon during our inspirational lectures, workshops and consultations. Meetings will motivate us to work and equip participants in practical skills needed to enhance our entrepreneurial, creative and analytical abilities. Those invited to lead some of the events include an expert in sales, a business coach and the author of a bestselling book about copywriting.

More info soon!