6 - 14 july 2019

Human error while working with artificial intelligence


9th July, 16:00 - 16:45


PSTP Gdynia, builiding III
spot on the map no. 8

In this talk we will explore the essential role that people have in working with AI and the most common problems that arise when technology is not human-centred. By using relevant examples, we will look at implications for designers, managers and others who wish to leverage the potential of emerging technologies.

Artificial Intelligence is being applied to a rapidly growing number of fields and might profoundly change the way we live and work. Even the most advanced systems are not able to function without a human being. In some cases this technology will replace workers, while in others it will help them do their job better. However, with the excitement and fear that comes with this technology, it’s easy to forget about people. No matter how many tasks may be automated, someone will eventually need to work with these systems.

The lecture is part of  DESIGN BLOCK. Free admission. 
*Lecture in English


  • Marco and Anton wrote a master's thesis together in collaboration with Fjord, a design and innovation consultancy. The topic of the work was technology bias in consultancies working with AI. They now collaborate on different projects while advocating for emerging technologies that are based on human needs. Anton has a background in visual communication and worked as art director, UX and freelancer. He later expanded his competences with service and business design.

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