6 - 14 july 2019

Complex problem solving: How to innovate through design?


13th July, 14:30 -17:30


Compulsory registration!


PSTP Gdynia, building IV
spot on the map no. 22

How to effectively come up with the innovation idea that works? Something that consumers really want and need but also idea that is feasible to be realized in a relatively short period of time?

It all start with the statement: 'We have to innovate. We have to find this next big thing for our business, product, service. We have to change something. We have to find a solution.' But where to start? How to turn your ideas into quick prototypes so that they can be tested and iterated on before the real investment starts? And lastly, how to strategically evaluate the idea? In this highly interactive workshop Anna Maria will take you through a compact and effective design sprint as a method for complex problem solving and innovation. This approach is based on user centric design, interdisciplinary, rapid co-creation, prototyping and idea validation, through user testing. It also touches on the iterative processes and therefore explains how can you maximize the value of mistakes or errors.
3 key topics of the workshop:

  • innovation process overview and step by step guide to the effective design sprints
  • hands on learning on how to facilitate interdisciplinary, user centric idea generation round in your organisation
  • small prototyping exercise

This workshop will equip you with a compact blueprint on how to facilitate a user centric innovation processes within your organization. The fact that you will go through the process yourself, on ground during Gdynia Design Days, will allow steep learning curve and empower you to successfully run it with your team or organization. Anna Maria will refer to a variety of projects Edenspiekermann successfully applied this approach to - from media to new tools for journalists or radio platforms. 

*Workshop in Polish

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