6 - 14 july 2019

"How to make a zine?"


10 July, 10:00 - 19:00


10 places
Compulsory registration!


PSTP Gdynia, building IV
spot on the map no. 26

Error in a zine? There is no such thing!

A zine is a small, simple form of publication, often published, printed and created by one's own means, often with disregard for any publishment rules. Through the years zines had been associated with subcultures and social minorities. Today in modern culture they are synonymous with independent publishing and a perfect mean of expression for all kinds of artists: poets, photographers, illustrators - both amateurs and professionals. On our workshops, we will focus on the DIY culture - do it yourself - putting emphasis on the biggest, in our opinion, value of the zines - their absolutely democratic nature. Participants will learn how to make copies of their own publication, using commonly available methods, and how to turn errors and technological shortcomings into artistic value. Those workshops will teach that every creator sets their own rules and that diversity is where the magic of the zine phenomenon lies.
The workshop is part of GRAPHICS BLOCK.
*Workshop in Polish


  • Illustrator and graphic designer. In 2017 she finished her Master degree from Artistic University in Poznań. She works for Oficyna Peryferie for two years now, where she teaches workshops and handles all manual work.

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  • Intern at Oficyna Peryferie, Master of Arts. She received her arts diploma from the Pedagogical University of Cracow in 2018 and her engineer diploma in land management from the Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

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