6 - 15 july 2018

The Language of Things


6 - 15 lipca, 10:00 - 20:00


PSTP Gdynia, building IV

What is the reason of us buying new items on and on? Why do all of desired modern stuff lose their value with time? Check the photo exhibition "The Language of Things" and find it out.

The tiltle of the exhibition refers to the title of the book by Demian Sudjica published in Poland by Karakter. The author, in the era of consumptionizm determining the development, reflects upon the essence of contemporary objects and products in relations to our mental and emotional spheres.of personality. One of the most important questions  The Language of Thing asks ‘Why do some things become dream fetishes and others archetypes? -  inclines the reader to ask himself a series of vital questions, which may help him or her understand the core of contemporary design and phenomena influencing our constantly changing likes and needs.

Why only after some years, these so demanded and considered modern and the latest fashion hits find themselves on the scrap heap? Are the designers to be blamed for it? Might it have been our projections and expectations, generated by external impulses, which were false? What does this fascinating jigsaw puzzle of our emotions, images, needs to have, a well as abilities, know-how and skills of contemporary desingers depend on?

Some of these objects we can still see  in their original conditions on the display in the basement of City Trade Halls in Muzeum Kameralne Pawilon 302 and 303.