6 - 15 july 2018

Izabela Bołoz

program board GDD, curator of the main exhibition

In her work as a curator, artist, and designer, she starts with people and how they behave in a space. Her work, activities, and projects involve the user every step of the way, regardless of whether this is an exhibition she curates, a space she arranges, or a new product. Bołoz skillfully joins art, architecture, and design to show how far these fields intersect and how a key common denominator of these activities is people and their responses to spaces they inhabit. Quite apart from their marvelous forms, these subtle and measured works are also a social commentary on the space we operate in. The work is often completed with a final touch - a demonstration of creative solutions in places that require artistic intervention, which gives them new life, prompting interaction and new ways of experiencing reality.