4 - 11 July 2020

GDD2020 visual identification


The theme should inspire us to not only look at global crises, but also the values and approaches we should adopt when facing them. GDD draws attention to design as a tool to create intelligent and lasting solutions to problems.

It encourages us to pay a closer look to the space that surrounds us, where it may be hard to discern the really important things among the multitude of messages and images.  

Through the use of optical illusion, our visual identification will accost people in the streets and online. Its modern form will attract ATTENTION, intrigue them and influence their perception. To this end, the authors got in touch with top-class expert in optical illusions, professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka. The visual message draws viewers in, but – so as not to compound the sensation of danger – the entire design makes use of a friendly and varied colour palette. The visual identification was designed by Ada Zielińska and Patryk Hardziej from Hardziej Studio.

Designed by:

Hardziej Studio (Patryk Hardziej, Ada Zielińska)

Optical illusion:

©Akiyoshi Kitaoka 2011