4 - 11 July 2020

The Good Death


premiere: 4th of July

Death, burial and mourning are still taboo for most of us. The Good Death exhibition, inspired by the death positive movement, directs its attention to the last stage of life, inviting participants to discuss the inevitable.

We are witnesses to redefining experiences of death, burial, mourning and remembrance. Societies are ageing. Overpopulation and lack of burial space in some countries collide with the diminishing population of others. Secularization and the creation of a new spirituality require the consideration of old or obsolete rituals. The growing awareness of ecology, mobility and digitalization are constantly changing the perception of burial and the function of cemeteries.

More information soon in our guide. Premiere on 4th of July!

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  • Art historian, educator, professor of art history and design at the School of Form (SWPS University) and Collegium da Vinci. For the past couple of years she has been engaged in observing and analysing trends which she uses when working with designers and companies to create new and adjusted products, services, changes and experiences. She collaborates as a consultant and creative thinking trainer at Concordia Design in Poznań, which combines design, business and creativity. She has written pieces on design, architecture, interiors and trends in magazines like Newsweek Living, Newsweek Zdrowie, Slow and Design Alive Magazine. She is the co-owner of Briks Architekci studio.

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  • Graduated in art. Currently, as the manager of the BAŁTYK building in Poznań, she deals with organizational matters and the production of artistic and cultural events at BAŁTYK’s Przystań Sztuki. She gained her experience at Marek Cecuła’s Modus Design, among others, which later led to her starting the design collective WATERLOVE, alongside Isia Czartoryska and Arkadiusz Szwed. At School of Form’s (SWPS University) marketing department, she worked with both designers and students, coordinating events at the university as well as exhibitions at fairs and festivals based in Poland.

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  • Designer and curator representing a generation of ceramists for whom the technological process in ceramics is deliberately and consciously disrupted by the designer in order to achieve a form that shows a relationship between process and performance. Szwed is involved with utilitarian design as well as conceptual work and education in the field of industrial design. His works are a collage of technical knowledge, sensitivity and creativity.

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