6 - 14 july 2019

Design talks Business Summit

In the times of unexpected turns and dynamic market changes, how can we make the best use of management tools and techniques in order to enhance the business potential of our companies? How can the innovation culture fuel product, service and business model design and enable us to respond wisely to the novel needs of our customers? How can we embrace the innovation culture? Finally, how design might help business thrive?

July 2019 marks the fourth time when entrepreneurs, designers and change architects will meet at Design Talks Business Summit in Gdynia. Throughout two-day long event, attendees will become familiar with real market cases, practical strategic design tools that can enable them to address changes in their business environments better.

Participants will receive insight and hands-on experience with tools and techniques essential in the process of product and service innovation, defining market potential and customer needs or integrating creative culture within their organisations. As the participants and speakers blend into an international crowd, the event will enable attendees to discover inspiring perspectives and real-life cases.

The need for new strategic methods and tool is underlined by dynamic market changes affecting  product, service and business model design. Sticking to old habits puts companies to the risk of producing the same, old solutions. Design seen as a tool, process, work culture and strategy enables contemporary companies to generate solutions aligned with contemporary market needs.

Design Talks Business: Summit is a space for meetings, sharing experiences and networking. We invite you to join 350 creative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial designers.

Polarisation, the theme of Gdynia Design Days in 2019, will accompany us throughout the event as the areas such as will be covered: future - roots, minimalism - overconsumption, localness - globalisation, me - us, online - offline, heart - mind. These antymonies mirror complexity and heterogeneity of present needs and values today's customers expect. Each of them carries insightful information and potential during the times of constant change, uncertainty and duality of market needs.


Coordinators: Henryk Stawicki, Justyna Turek, Ewa Browarczyk, Maciej Otrębski, Paweł Kupczak