6 - 14 july 2019

Design talks Business

Design talks Business is a space where change architects and change producers meet – namely, the entrepreneurs, strategists, managers and designers who boldly create beyond the limitations of today’s solutions.

The deepening role of design in business and the potential inherent in the dynamically changing human of the Anthropocene era is one of many touchpoints for business and design. This is why on the 13th and 14th of July 2018, in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, 300 participants from across industries will meet. They will talk about the strategic role in business and how delivering client-centric value creates business potential.

Based on the Error, this year's topic of the Gdynia Design Days festival, over 20 speakers and facilitators from different parts of the world were invited to share their inspiration, fails, cases and methods. Planned forms of interaction between the participants include inspirational sessions, case studies as well as practical workshops and networking. Most of all, Design talks Business is a meeting place and a multidisciplinary event where participants have the opportunity to leave familiar frameworks in search of inspiration, cooperation, contacts and how-to advices.

Surplus, totally new user needs and dynamic, constant change. It characterizes the times in which we live, produce, work and look for answers to the most important questions. How to work with the potential of a change as well as related challenges and failures? How to choose the best value for the market, company, and for ourselves? How to create what contemporary human and his environment really need?

​coordinators: Henryk Stawicki, Maciej Otrębski i Justyna Turek




FRIDAY, July 13

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10:00-10:30 Registration

10:30-12:00 Inspirational presentations

                     presentation | Design is not about products or services but actually value. How to deliver value in business without making new products? | Fernanda Torre (SE/PT)
                     presentation | Poland. I design in Poland. Introducing customer-centric approach in Polish environment | Wojciech Ławniczak (PL) Very Human Services
                     presentation | Design-led Strategy Thinking for Growth - Approaches, Conversations and Diagrams for Change | Michael Thomson (UK) Design Connect

12:00-12:30 Networking & Thematic tables

Thematic tables are two networking breaks, during which invited experts will lead the discussion in their area of ​​expertise.Specially prepared and selected topics will allow extending the interaction between participants and specialists outside the.Thanks to this experience, each participant will be able to explore a given topic, exchange thoughts and experiences, hear the perspective of others and collide it with their own and talk to experts.Additionally, during networking breaks, participants will have the opportunity to talk and discuss with the main speakers from the conference room.

                     thematic table 01 | Food for thought: sustainable table | Izabela Bernau-Ławniczak (PL)Very Human Services
                     thematic table 02 | Design is such an ugly word ... How to talk about design in business? | Edyta Paul (PL) Concordia Design
                     thematic table 03 | Designed Team - how to build an effective team | Piotr Grocholiński and Beata Michalska-Dominiak (PL)Klientocentryczni
                     thematic table 04 | Context 3.0 | Katarzyna Andrzejczyk-Briks (PL) Concordia Design

12:30-13:45 Case studies

                     lecture | The hardest thing is to come up with a hammer! Searching for the simplest solutions to complex problems | Wojciech Kłapcia (PL) PAJAK
                     lecture| Software-defined physical world | Olga Dąbrowska (PL) Estimote
                     lecture | Well, let’s do it! Creativity Thinking in business | Sylwia Hull-Wosiek (PL)Concordia Design, Katarzyna Kozłowska-Błoch (PL)Volkswagen
                     lecture | Let’s restart | Heike Nehl (DE) Moniteurs

13:45-14:30 Networking & Thematic tables

                     thematic table 01 | Food for thought: sustainable table | Izabela Bernau-Ławniczak (PL)Very Human Services 
                     thematic table 02 | Design is such an ugly word ... How to talk about design in business? | Edyta Paul (PL) Concordia Design 
                     thematic table 03 | Designed Team - how to build an effective team | Piotr Grocholiński and Beata Michalska-Dominiak (PL)Klientocentryczni
                     thematic table 04 | Context 3.0 | Katarzyna Andrzejczyk-Briks (PL) Concordia Design

*All lectures translated simultaneously
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14:30-17:30 Practical Block - workshop

Workshops in the Practical Block require prior registration and fees.
Please choose the workshops carefully as they are running parallel. It is possible to choose only one of the following workshops, or to participate in a free open lecture.

                     workshop [EN] | Reframe and ideate |  Marie Saasen (NOR) Saasen Studio 
                     workshop [EN] | Business fit for our grandchildren! Tools for transforming | Evelina Lunqvist (SE/AT) The Good Tribe
                     workshop [EN] | Complex problem solving: How to innovate through design? | Anna Maria Ciupka  (PL)
                     workshop [PL] | Well designed from the scratch | Agnieszka Mróz (PL) Service Sandbox
                     workshop [PL] | Creativity Thinking Jump | Sylwia Hull-Wosiek (PL) Concordia Design 
                     free lecture | Creativity in Failure: From graffiti in Vietnam to brewing in New Zealand | Alice & Scott Krenitski (USA)


10:00-10:30 Registration | Error Challenge + trend (t)error
10:30-11:00 Warm up + Networking | Error Challenge + trend (t)error
11:00-14:00 Master Class | Error Challenge
The Error Challenge, based on a real case, will allow to practice use of design as a response to today's business challenges. Participants will respond to a design challenge using various methods facilitated in a workshop setting by a team of experienced professionals from Germany, Norway, Poland and the USA. As a result, participants will become the authors of recommendations and potential solutions that are created beyond the limitations of today's practice.

                    moderator: Henryk Stawicki (PL) Change Pilots
                                    How might we empower client-centric culture and process when productcentricity has been the only way? |  Marie Saasen (NOR) Saasen Studio [EN]
                                    Jak moglibyśmy wesprzeć ludzi, żeby mogli pokazać sens designu przedsiębiorcom, którzy nigdy wcześniej nie pracowali z projektantem lub w procesie projektowym? | Izabela Bernau-Ławniczak (PL) Very Human Services [PL]
                                    How might we use visual models to work on complex problems and to facilitate collaboration? |  Kilian Krug (DE) International Design Zentrum Berlin [EN]
                                    How might we enable a more long-term strategy for implementing more creativity in our workplaces, when quick fixes often fall flat? | Alice & Scott Krenitski (USA) Place Makers [EN]

                                            Groups created during the event.

11:00-14:00 Master Class | trend (t)error | Zuzanna Skalska (PL) 360inspiration → registration opening soon [PL]
14:00-14:30 Summary | Error Challenge + trend (t)error