4 - 12 July 2020

Body at a Crossroads


6 - 14 july, 10:00 - 20:00


PPNT Gdynia, builiding III

The body polarizes modern society. Some want to preserve its originality, while others try to artificially improve it to make it work better.

Our bodies are nowadays interesting not only for scientists, but also for designers and business people. However, they are divided into two polarized groups. Some want to use the development of plastic surgery, prosthetics, bioengineering, artificial intelligence and other computer technologies to improve people. Others are terrified by the perspective of transhumanism. They believe that such action is unethical and dangerous, so they celebrate the naturalness of the human body and avoid any artificial improvements. Some of them even try to stop changes by force, following the example of 19th century workers who destroyed the first machines. Ultimately we all are the recipients of both groups’ ideas, and the choice is not always obvious. The exhibition will present the body in the context of the most important dilemmas that we often have to deal with today.