6 - 14 july 2019

ATOMY | Monika Szymańska & Urszula Skłodowska

speakers "An atomic ERROR"

ATOMY were created at the end of 2016 on the initiative of Monika Szymańska and Ula Skłodowska, who live and work in Gdańsk and Warsaw, which is why the company is divided between two cities - its design and production takes place by the sea, whereas marketing development is situated in the capital.

In the assumptions of the brand, ATOMY are leather modules, which were designed in order to assemble them together and play with them. Every product can operate individually and also by forming groups matched or transformed into a completely new project, depending on client’s vision. The brand's philosophy is based on the concept of Lean Manufacturing, which relies on resource efficiency, guarantees high quality and does not generate waste.

They base our productions on local crafts, use only services of regional producers and suppliers. They believe that supporting regional creativity is not only an investment in the community, but it’s also shaping an even stronger consumer awareness.